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Come! Relax and enjoy in this unique and diverse country which
is as old as the hills, yet young at heart.
The cultural experience and atmosphere will entice the most seasoned travellers to return to this unique, mysterious, multicultural and enchanting country again and again.
PGS India have your best interest at heart, so don't be a "Tourist"   like the rest, have an INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE with the best.

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We appreciated the cleanliness of our hotels and rooms. Eating places were suitable. Personal Guide Services – India’s choice of itinerary after Kodai turned out to be most enjoyable - we could not have chosen better ourselves. We thank Harold and Rahul again for the effort put in to take our preferences into account.

Heather & Ken, Victoria, Australia

Regarding our recent trip to India we like to express our appreciation for our two guides Harold and Rahul. Without their skilful guidance it would have been next to impossible for us to visit all the places we did. Their caring and helpful ways made our trip enjoyable and memorable and we now consider both of them our friends.

Steve and Geonelle, Ontario, Canada

Our trip was made much easier with yourselves handling details such as hotel forms, porters at the stations, communicating with the locals, and visits to the various forts/palaces etc.

Graeme & Cheryl, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

These men knew in every way how to take care of us. Both men were very friendly and caring. That is the way to travel! The whole trip was checked out before we arrived, including each hotel we stayed in.

Geonello, Oshawa CANADA