Terms & Conditions of Contract

  • On Sabbath (Saturday) there will be no touring. Clients are welcome to participate in worship or have a free supervised day.
  • Our tours are smoke & alcohol free for the comfort of the group.
  • Persons wishing to avail of our tours to India must be reasonably fit, have an abundance of patience, tolerance and adaptability.
  • Your Incredible India! Tour Package based on a minimum of 10 persons, will cost AUD $16,000 per couple or AUD $14,000 per person for our 4 Week Tour OR AUD $14,000.00 per couple and AUD $12,000 per person for our 2/3 Week Tour.
  • For less than 10 persons, your Incredible India! Tour Package would cost AUD $20,000 per couple and AUD $18,000 per person for our 4 Week Tour OR AUD $16,000 per couple and AUD $14,000 per person for our 2/3 Week Tour
  • An additional fee of AUD $500 per person per day in advance, will be charged for extension of stay if you wish to extend your tour period.
  • Your Incredible India! Tour Package includes; Transfers, Accommodation, Breakfast, Travel by Road and Train and Entry Fees into all Tourist Attractions where applicable. Note: Air Travel will only be utilised if necessary.
  • Intending Travellers to India who wish to avail of our services are required to deposit the fees Three (3) Months In Advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Please follow Health Regulations and acquire Travel Insurance before departure.
  • Your Guide(s) will coordinate all Tour arrangements within India.
  • Your Guide(s) will meet you at the Airport in India. The service will cease upon boarding the aircraft in India for your return travel.
  • Personal Guide Services - India reserve the right to alter the itinerary should unforseen or unavoidable circumstances occur.
  • Existing Airline Regulations apply in relation to luggage; illegal goods etc. and are the sole responsibility of the owner.
  • Personal Guide Services – India is not liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury that may occur during the tour period.
  • Persons are expected to behave in a responsible manner. Your Guide(s) reserves the right to expel a member(s) of the group for offensive behaviour or misconduct.
  • All monies paid for this service are non-refundable, however, Fifty (50%) per cent of monies will be refunded if an emergency can be proved.
  • Upon payment, Visitors to India have agreed to abide by “The Terms & Conditions Of This Contract.”