Our Services

Tag Along Guided Tours

  • Tag Along Guided Tours : Tours are not confined to strict regimented itineraries but are flexible. The idea behind our tours is that our group will "tag along" to places of interest that we will introduce you to. Luxury Coaches, Trains and on occasion Domestic Flights will be utilised for all travel.
  • Tours are for duration of Two, Three & Four Weeks. The Package excludes return Air-Fare to India and Personal Shopping BUT includes Breakfast, travel by Road, Train and on occasion Domestic Flights, Accommodation & Entry Fees to all Tourist Attractions within India.
  • You will be met at the airport specified on your arrival and your tour will cease upon departure.
  • A minimum of 10 persons are required per tour.

India Travel Consultancy Service

  • AUD$100 per hour and AUD$60 per half-hour (minimum 1/2 hour) for Personal Consultations which include Tourist Maps and information of the places you're intend to visit.
  • AUD$100 per FIFTY (50) questions and AUD$60 per TWENTY FIVE (25) questions (minimum 25 QUESTIONS) for queries by telephone, E-mail or post which include Tourist Maps and Information of the places you intend to visit.


  • If you have Internet Access and request information about Tours to India, only General Information and the Itinerary will be forwarded.
  • If Internet Access is not available, only information from our Website (www.pgsindia.net) and the Itinerary will be forwarded.
  • Further specialised information that requires research will incur an Administration Charge of AUD$100. This fee is deducted from the cost of the Tour Package upon a confirmed booking.